FE Review Course Schedule and Syllabus for Fall

The FE review course is taught by current and retired CSM professors and other instructors who volunteer their time to bring this service to you.  As of now, all sessions will be held on Monday evenings from 7-9 PM. However, dates, times, and rooms are subject to change, so all participants should check this website for updates prior to each session.

This course is free for CSM seniors and full time graduate students; all others are welcome for a fee of $250, which is tax-deductible (receipts will be issued). Please write your check to Colorado School of Mines and bring it to the first review session.

The following schedule shows the dates and proposed topics for each review session, and provides links to lecture slides and other useful information:

September 12 Chemistry BB W250 Steve Daniel Practice Problems, Solutions to Practice Problems, FE CH Review
September 19 Electrical Engineering BB W250 Cathy Skokan EE FE DocumentsPDF versionText only version Link to SolutionsPDF versionText only version
September 26 Mechanics of Materials BB W250 Jason Lien Strength Materials Handout 1PDF versionText only version, Strength Materials Handout 2PDF versionText only version
October 3 Mathematics BB W250 Terry Bridgman Practice QuestionsPDF versionText only version
October 10 Materials Science BB W250 Jerry Bourne

Diagnostic Exam Material TestingPDF versionText only versionDiagnostic Exam MetallurgyPDF versionText only versionDiagnostic ExamPDF versionText only versionDiagnostic Exam Crystallography Atomic BondingPDF versionText only version

October 24 Thermodynamics BB W250 Steven DeCaluwe FE Review Common Pitfalls in ThermodynamicsPDF versionText only versionProblems for FE Thermodynamics ReviewPDF versionText only versionThermo Equation Sheet (Cycles)PDF versionText only version
October 31 Dynamics BB W250 John Steele PE Review Statics and DynamicsPDF versionText only version
November 7 Fluid Dynamics BB W250 CJ McClelland Fluids review notes and problemsPDF versionText only version
November 14 Engineering Economics BB W250 Andrew Pederson Cash Flow EvalPDF versionText only versionEng Econ Analysis
November 21 Statics BB W250 Taylor Madden Statics FE Review NotesPDF versionText only version